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Convenient Roll-Off Containers

Wyoming Salvage Co. and Cheyenne Recycling offer roll-off containers for your demolition and construction projects. Simply call ahead of your project's start date and have the container dropped off for the length of your project. Call again for pick-up. It's as easy as that!

No matter what your project is, containers for scrap metal can save you money and time. Contact Wyoming Salvage Co. and Cheyenne Recycling today!

Useful Roll-Off Containers

For over 30 years, Wyoming Salvage Co. and Cheyenne Recycling have been serving the Cheyenne, WY area with premium scrap metal pricing. Their roll-off containers are just as reasonable.

Reasonable Rates

Call today to schedule your roll-off container drop off.


  • New construction

  • Structure demolition

  • Commercial and residential remodeling

  • Large plumbing and electrical projects

  • $65 per load for containers

  • 72-hour notice for drop-offs and pick-ups

  • Same metals as drop-off recycling

  • 100% customer satisfaction