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Quality Salvage Services

Wyoming Salvage Co provides quality metal salvage services to residents in and around Cheyenne, WY. They buy a large variety of metals from you at premium prices everyday. Contact them today for answers to your questions.

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Radiators

  • Insulated wire

  • Vehicles for scrap

        metal only (no parts available)

Salvage Metals

For over 30 years, Wyoming Salvage Co and Cheyenne Recycling have been serving the Cheyenne, WY area with premium recycling services:

Experienced Salvage Company

Get premium prices for your scrap metal. Call today!


  • Lead

  • Catalytic converters

  • Batteries

  • Electric motors

  • Buy and sell used steel

  • Premium recycling prices

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Personal truck-sized scale (18' x 9') for drop offs

  • 100% customer satisfaction